Hello, I’m Snowbright.

Passionate about food, drink and the Arts.

Mad about coffee. Double mad about David Lynch Signature Cup coffee UK.

Crazy about David Lynch, visionary filmmaker and artist extraordinaire.

As a coffee aficionado, my quest for better coffee beans led me to David Lynch coffee UK. Fans of David Lynch know of his serious love of coffee, so much so that coffee found a place into many of his works (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire). David Lynch’s coffee passion and desire to share his coffee pleasure, culminated in producing his own brand of fine coffee, creating his Signature Cup.

After weeks of detective work, it was with excitement upon receiving David Lynch’s coffee from US. Finally I had in my own hands David Lynch’s coffee beans to grind and brew. Whilst doing so, Lynchian images were conjured up, just where would my mind go - shocking the senses to stir the soul. First the aroma seduces. Then a few sips in the beans are dancing and singing in my mouth. Finishing the first cup, you desire another, and you do. David Lynch’s coffee is stimulating the senses, and is truly a 'damn fine coffee'.

Now David Lynch’s coffee is available in the UK. Share my euphoria with like-minded people, and take this opportunity to try yourselves.

David Lynch coffee UK (Signature Cup) is Organic

ORIGIN: Signature Cup beans

The Organic House Roast is a single origin coffee. High within the Sierra Madres of Oaxaca, Mexico sits the DL Signature Cup proprietary cooperative. Small farmers, each with less than 2 acres apiece make up this village, which has been growing coffee organically as long as anyone can remember. These backyard farms contain not only the ancient variety of arabica-typica coffee trees, but also food crops, all planted under a dense forest canopy. Although yields are low from cultivating forest grown organics, with strict processing standards and high altitude requirements for growers, consistent and exceptional cup quality is achieved. This exquisite coffee seduces with subtlety.


It is “fair traded” without certification. This means while the “Fair Trade Certified” label guarantees that certified cooperatives of coffee growers (as opposed to Single family farms) receive a minimum floor price for their product, the David Lynch Signature Cup does not pay to use the Fair Trade label on the packaging. They believe the current “Fair Trade” practice overlooks the many exceptional single family farms that – simply because they are not designated as cooperatives – do not qualify for official certification.

Instead, their supplier focuses on building direct relationships with their producers and signing multi-year contracts at fixed prices which they negotiate with the producers themselves. This protects family farms from fluctuations in the world coffee market and provides them the security of knowing that they have a guaranteed buyer in the future. Through their “relationship coffee buying model,” the supplier builds strong business ties between their customer base and the conscientious independent family farmers who produce their exemplary coffee.